Senior grades are divided into two groups Kyu grades (white belt to brown belt) progressing to Dan grades (black belt and above).

Players become seniors at the age of 16 years though players can choose to convert from junior grades to senior grades at the age of 14.

Kyu Grades
There are 6 Kyu grades with 6th Kyu being the lowest. Grades are denoted by belt colour.
The BJA Kyu grade syllabus can be downloaded by clicking here.

Dan Grades
There are 10 Dan grades with 1st Dan being the lowest. The first 5 Dan grades wear a black belt with gold tabs.
5th Dan is the highest competitive grade that can be achieved, 6th Dan and above are awarded by the National Governing body in recognition of services to Judo.
The BJA Dan grade syllabus can be downloaded by clicking here.

Kyu Grades   Dan Grades
6th KyuWhite BeltKyu 6   1st DanBlack Belt 1 tabDan 1
5th KyuYellow BeltKyu 5   2nd DanBlack Belt 2 tabsDan 2
4th KyuOrange BeltKyu 4   3rd DanBlack Belt 3 tabsDan 3
3rd KyuGreen BeltKyu 3   4th DanBlack Belt 4 tabsDan 4
2nd KyuBlue BeltKyu 2   5th DanBlack Belt 5 tabsDan 5
1st KyuBrown BeltKyu 1   6th DanRed & White BeltDan 6
      7th DanRed & White BeltDan 7
      8th DanRed & White BeltDan 8
      9th DanRed BeltDan 9
      10th DanRed BeltDan 10