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Date   Competition   Location      
April 2018
14 NHC Red Belt Rumble High WycombeHP12 4UE Details
15 Samurai Orange and Under KidderminsterDY11 7DY Details
28 Samurai English Cadet & Pre cadet open WalsallWS1 3BD Details
May 2018
13 61 Judo Club Green & Under High WycombeHP12 4UE Details
26 Samurai English Minors Open KidderminsterDY11 7DY Details
June 2018
10 Samurai Green & Under KidderminsterDY11 7DY Details
23 Kent International GillinghamME7 1HF Details
24 Kent International GillinghamME7 1HF Details
July 2018
21 Samurai Orange and Under KidderminsterDY11 7DY Details