Junior - Mons Grades
To obtain these grades a player must pass a theory assessment. This requires the player to demonstrate various techniques and show an understanding of judo terminology. The minimum age to hold 1st Mon is 5 years old.

Players can only be promoted by one grade at a time, though players starting the sport aged 12 or above may be fast tracked by up to 3 grades in each of their first two gradings in their first year.

Players aged 5 to 7 can be promoted once every 3 calendar months up to 6th Mon.
Players aged 8 to 17 can be promoted once calendar month up to 6th Mon.
For 7th Mon and above, for all ages, players can be promoted once every 2 calendar months.

It is club policy to insist that a player with a red belt (up to 3rd Mon) participate in at least one licensed competition before they are considered for a yellow belt (4th Mon to 6th Mon). In addition a player must participate in a licensed competition while holding a yellow belt (4th Mon to 6th Mon) before they are recommended for assessment to an orange belt (7th Mon) or higher.

Senior - Kyu Grades
Kyu grades are obtained through theory assessment.  Players can only be promoted by one grade at a time.  For grades up to yellow belt (5th Kyu) players can be promoted once every calendar month. For 4th Kyu and above promotions can be made once every 3 calendar months.

Senior - Dan Grades
Dan grades require both a theory and a competitive element. The competitive element is obtained through a points system based on the number of wins against an equal or higher grade at BJA licensed competitions or at special BJA grading events.