1. A high standard of personal cleanliness is expected.
  2. Judogi should be maintained in good repair at all times.
  3. No smoking, eating or drinking in the Dojo.
  4. Finger and toe nails should be cut short and kept clean.
  5. Long hair must be tied back with a non-metallic hair band.
  6. Jewellery or other hard objects must not be worn on the tatami.
  7. Shoes or any kind of footwear must not be worn on the tatami.
  8. Judoka should not walk barefoot off the mat, sock or stockings are not acceptable.
  9. The judogi, and only the judogi, should be correctly worn on the mat; the exception is beginners who may wear loose fitting clothes without any hard metallic objects, buttons or zips.
  10. All Judoka should wear their the correct grade signified by the colour of the belt.
  11. There should not be any excessive noise or boisterous behaviour in the Dojo.
  12. Dojo etiquette should be observed at all times.
  13. Judo should never be practised outside the Dojo.
  14. Judokas should be punctual and should not leave the tatami without the coach / instructors permission.
  15. Judokas should remain until the class or session is formally ended.
  16. Judokas should only practise techniques they have been taught and only on partners who are "Mat Safe" for those techniques.