Junior grades are divided into 18 Mons with 1st Mon being the lowest. The Mons are divided into groups of 3 with a change in belt colour every 3rd Mon. The Mons are indicated by the number of "tabs" on the belt. A Player who has not yet received their BJA license will wear a plain white belt.
The BJA Junior Mon grade syllabus can be downloaded by clicking here.

NoviceRed Belt red belt
1st MonRed Belt with 1 tab 1 mon
2nd MonRed Belt with 2 tabs 2 mon
3rd MonRed Belt with 3 tabs 3 mon
4th MonYellow Belt with 1 tab 4 mon
5th MonYellow Belt with 2 tabs 5 mon
6th MonYellow Belt with 3 tabs 6 mon
7th MonOrange Belt with 1 tab 7 mon
8th MonOrange Belt with 2 tabs 8 mon
9th MonOrange Belt with 3 tabs 9 mon
10th MonGreen Belt with 1 tab 10 mon
11th MonGreen Belt with 2 tabs 11 mon
12th MonGreen Belt with 3 tabs 12 mon
13th MonBlue Belt with 1 tab 13 mon
14th MonBlue Belt with 2 tabs 14 mon
15th MonBlue Belt with 3 tabs 15 mon
16th MonBrown Belt with 1 tab 16 mon
17th MonBrown Belt with 2 tabs 17 mon
18th MonBrown Belt with 3 tabs 18 mon