1. Points are awarded as follows:
    Gold / 1st place:4 points 
    Silver / 2nd place:3 points 
    Bronze / 3rd or 4th place:  2 points 
    Attendance:1 point 
  2. The total points are divided by the number of competitions for which the player was eligible and then multiplied by 250.
  3. The maximum possible score is 1000; this would be achieved by a player who attended every competition they were eligible for and came first in all of them.
  4. Only competitions which require a BJA licence are included.
  5. To win the shield, a player must be a 61 Judo Club licence holder and have competed in at least 4 competitions within the year January to December.
  6. Players will not be penalised for any injury which renders them unable to compete / Coaching Duties / Squad Training Sessions and Courses.
  7. A player will be awarded an extra point if they have won three or more fights in a large group but did not win a medal.
  8. Medals full point value will only count if there is at lest 4 players in the group. If less the points are pro-rated e.g. if only 3 players in group Gold/1st would be worth 3 points. If 2 players in group Gold/1st would only be worth 2 points.
  9. If there are only 4 players in a group, you will only get 1 point for 2nd bronze, i.e., if you loose all your fights, and still get a bronze.
  10. A player will only be awarded points in a single category per day for any event. Where a player has entered for more than one category they must choose prior to the event which category they will be scored in.
  11. If two or more players have the same score, the player with the highest points count for medals will win. If this is even then the shield will not be awarded and individual trophies/medals will be awarded.
  12. The shield will be awarded at the club championships to the winner of the previous year.